For over 20 years EU funding has helped businesses, people and communities across Wales. This funding was used to create and protect thousands of jobs, help people into work, develop new skills and infrastructure, and invest in research and innovation.


Now that we have left the EU this funding will stop. But the UK Government has promised to replace it and so we need a new Wales-based plan to ensure this funding is used in the best way to benefit our businesses, people and communities.


As part of the new Wales-based plan, we are proposing that decisions regarding spending on transport, broadband infrastructure, business support and skills development will be taken at national (i.e. all-Wales) and regional levels. We also want some decisions to be taken at community level so that we can use the knowledge, energy and resource of local people to help deliver investments locally.


We invite you to complete this questionnaire and share with us your views on the way forward by

10 June 2020.


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